Commercial Electrician LenexaFor businesses and other commercial properties, building a relationship with a reputable commercial electrician in Lenexa, like Tann Electric, can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring productivity and safety.
After all, a power outage or some other form of electrical malfunction can be devastating to a business, which is why having our experienced and highly skilled electricians at your disposal is the ideal way to ensure your problems get fixed in a timely manner.
Emergency Services
With Tann Electric on your side, you receive a wide range of comprehensive electrical services at a moments notice, all from one reliable commercial electrician in Lenexa.
This can be beneficial, especially in emergency situations, where time is of the essence and you don’t want to waste it on finding an electrician to make an impromptu service call.
For businesses, a power outage can be a devastating experience. For example, when a restaurant loses power, this could mean all of your cooking equipment could cease to function properly, which could lead to undercooked food and a host of other issues. Not to mention, your diners will not appreciate having to eat their meals in the dark. This small issue could have massive consequences, as one bad experience could lose you a repeat customer.
With this in mind, you never have to worry about a power outage again when you utilize our emergency services. We’ll send a knowledgeable electrician, who has experience in emergency situations, to your business in order to solve your power problems.
In some instances, a new generator could be required and can be extremely beneficial. With a new generator in place, you can ensure at least a few areas of your commercial property are constantly receiving power no matter what.
Additional Commercial Electrical Services
Beyond our emergency services, Tann Electric also offers a range of additional commercial electrical services, including:
●      panel installation and repairs
●      light switches and lighting equipment
●      security entry systems
●      data centers
●      specialty equipment wiring

Tann Electric is your full service commercial electrician in Lenexa, and we ensure all of our commercial clients are provided with the most experienced and skilled professionals in the industry, no matter what their needs are.
From cabling and data phone systems, to exterior lighting and signage, our highly skilled electricians can help you achieve any electrical project or solve any electrical problem you may have.
Planning a renovation or addition for your commercial space? No problem. Tann Electric can assist you throughout the process, from planning your electrical work to the actual installation and beyond. As the most trusted commercial electrician in Lenexa, Tann Electric has been the go-to for any commercial electrical installation or problem for many years.
We ensure all of our electrical services are carried out by trained professionals, and done so according to proper codes and regulations. By offering such a wide range of services, we’re fully capable of being the only team of electricians you need to call whenever your commercial property has an electrical issue, or whenever you want to replace or improve upon any existing electrical work.
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