Overland Park ElectriciansIt can happen to anyone – suddenly a circuit breaker pops and you’re left without power. When this occurs, you need an electrician in a hurry.
Thankfully, the overland park electricians at Tann Electric are fully trained to provide you with a wide range of services. Our professionals need years of training and experience, and must be able to walk into any situation and quickly evaluate, diagnose and repair the issue at hand.  They are also ready to assist during the planning and installation of new power and generators during construction and renovation projects.
Fully Trained
At Tann Electric, our professionals must undergo a substantial amount of education and training in order to fully understand power and how to work with power.  Because electricity is so complex and (at times) dangerous, only knowledgeable Overland Park electricians are able to fully understand it and how to avoid serious harm.
This is why untrained individuals should never attempt to fix their own power problems, as only a professional who understands the situation can remedy the issue safely and efficiently.
Highly Skilled
In addition to being fully trained, our Overland Park electricians must possess the skills necessary to work on even the most complex power issues.  As the most reputable electrical contractor in the area, we ensure that everyone of our employees is highly skilled in their field with the ability to take care of both residential and commercial power.
Our electricians must be able to review and understand a wide variety of power-related systems such as lighting, security, data center, generators, and equipment.  Because these systems are always changing, our electricians must also be able to keep up with the latest technology in order to support all of the latest installations.
Knowledgeable and Experienced
It can take an electrician several or more years of training to become prepared to work on his own.  After going through rigorous education courses, our electricians may then work side by side with experienced journeymen in an apprentice program.  This enables them to gain much of the knowledge needed to make them effective and versatile in the field.
Experience is essential for all of our employees. Our electricians must be able to visit any location and quickly determine the root of a problem so it can be resolved in a timely manner.
Our electricians must also be aware of all the national and local electric codes that apply to each particular installation or repair.
At Tann Electric, we have created a culture that equips our employees for success, which allows us to continue attracting more talented and dedicated electricians each year.  Tann Electric is a company that has a strong bond with their employees and promotes a set of core values that help cultivate a great working relationship.
We are a full service electrical contractor, and assist our customers with everything related to power; from installation to maintenance and repair, our electricians are here for every possible electrical need.  Tann Electric offers reliable, dedicated service for residential, commercial, and restaurant applications. Our services are second to none and we are highly regarded in the Overland Park area. Contact us today to schedule a repair or to obtain an installation estimate.
Tann Electric
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