A Message to Our Customers About COVID-19

At Tann Electric, we have been committed to serving our community with integrity since the first day we started. This commitment has always included the safety and health of our team, our customers, and everyone we have encountered. The new normal of today has emphasized the importance of that commitment and has shifted the responsibilities of companies deemed as “essential industries.” All our decisions must now be checked against not only building codes and our own consciences. These must include best practices from CDC and government guidelines as well. These additional practices include:

• Frequent handwashing and stocking of multiple sanitizers on our trucks.
• Social distancing by limiting social interactions of team members and allowing office staff to work from home.
• Increased cleaning and sanitation of trucks, tools, shop, and all equipment.
• Constant monitoring of the CDC website, as well as Federal, State, and Local Government websites to ensure we are in compliance with all regulations and practices.

We are confident in our ability to continue to serve our community and their electrical needs. We have also been labeled an “essential activity” in the KC Metro area. As such, we are continuing to do the things we have done since the beginning; providing needed electrical service when things go wrong at your home, restaurant or business. We are people from this community, who live here with our families and understand the pressure and stresses that all these changes are bringing with it.

Tann Electric was started to provide our community with the finest electrical service available. Over twenty-eight years later, we continue to be dedicated to serving our neighbors with the finest electrical service. We will do just that as long as we are able.