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Have you ever tried to plug in the phone charger for your phone, and right before the prongs go into the outlet, you hear a slight buzzing sound coming from the outlet? If you do, you aren’t the only one to encounter these issues. While buzzing outlets are common, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the problem altogether because there’s an array of reasons you should be worried about a buzzing outlet.

Connectivity Problems

In some situations, if an outlet is worn out or old, the wiring connections in these outlets may begin to come loose, which is going to result in the outlet vibrating and making a buzzing sound. This is a problem that is much more common in older homes where the outlets have been used for many years and often haven’t been repaired or replaced as time has passed.

If that is the case, then having your outlets replaced by an electrician may fix the problem. You can be sure about this by speaking with an electrician about an inspection and to discover the underlying issue.

Issues with the Breaker

If the breakers of your electrical system have started to send too much or not enough electricity to your home’s outlets, then this imbalance may result in the outlets buzzing. Unlike a connectivity issue, a breaker problem cannot be fixed at the problematic outlet. You will probably have to have the entire breaker replaced to get rid of the annoying buzzing sound.

Polarity Problems

The outlets in your home may suffer from a polarity problem if they were not properly installed in the beginning. This is a very common problem if the previous owner has tried a DIY approach to electric work or if you have hired a cheap or shoddy electrician. If your outlets are having polarity problems, you will have to have a professional electrician come to your home to fix the problems.

There’s Good Reason to Fear a Buzzing Outlet

Regardless of what the underlying issue is, a buzzing outlet is going to be the result of a problem with electrical function. If your home’s outlets aren’t working properly, they are putting you, your family, and your home at risk of fires, electric shock, along with other dangerous situations. Do not ever ignore a buzzing outlet, instead call an electrician to inspect them, find the underlying issue, and repair them right away.

Why Electrical Outlet Repair Isn’t a DIY Job

If you have any type of issue with your electrical outlets, don’t try to fix the problem on your own. This may cause even more problems and potential hazards. Instead, call the experienced electricians at Tann Electric to handle the issue for you. We will be able to quickly and safely make the repairs that you need, which is going to ensure the problem is fixed and that the safety of the electrical system is restored.