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Thanks to the recent advances in low-voltage lighting technology, now homeowners can make exciting changes to their outdoor space by wiring their backyard. While there is an array of DIY outdoor lighting options, it’s a good idea to know what projects a professional should be hired to help with.

Running New Outlets

There’s a good chance you have a hose bib outside your home, but do you have any outlets? Running an electrical outlet to the outside portion of your property for lighting, outdoor cooking tools, holiday lights, fans, and more is probably something that’s beyond your DIY abilities.

When installing outlets outside, GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets are necessary. This is an important element that ensures safety, plus installing this ensures your home meets all code standards.

This job will require you to either splice an existing internal outlet, which risks overloading the circuit, or you will have to wire an all new outlet from your main box. Both these jobs require filling breakings, splicing, or even running new wires, along with several other potentially risky steps.

Along with lighting, dedicated outlets are necessary for those who want to cook outside. If you have plans to use a pellet barbecue or outdoor smoker, you need reliable and consistent access to a source of power, or you may face hazardous situations if the circuit becomes overloaded and the burning pellets aren’t able to move through the hopper.

Electricity and Water

Do you have plans to run low-voltage underground wiring to power your pathway or garden lighting? If so, you may be able to handle this task if you have basic DIY electrical skills. However, if you need to run a heavier cable or make a trench for conduit for other purposes, it’s smart to contact a professional electrician. There are several local codes and risk factors to remember when you are running conduit underground or burying cable that may put your home and personal safety at risk.

Running conduit or cable in your yard may mean it will be exposed to garden tools and equipment and water from your sprinkler system. As a result, it’s necessary to make sure your cable is buried at the proper depth by professionals. This will ensure the investment you have made in outdoor lighting (or other electrical components) is safe.

Even if you only plan to work on your deck, running power to your pool lights or hot tub can be challenging and a safety concern. Regardless of how much experience you have, you will need to install a dedicated outlet and tie it into your main box, which is something that should be left to the pros.

If you are wiring your backyard, it’s best to hire the professionals. They can ensure the job is done properly and that everything works properly and safely. Being informed and relying on those who know what they are doing is key. Contact Tann Electric today for help!