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Have you noticed your home has begun to feel a bit dark and drab? If you are like most people, you may not give much thought to the lighting in your home but choosing the right light bulbs for your home will help enhance the atmosphere, reduce your electric costs, and increase productivity. Choosing the right light bulbs that work well in any space in your home can be challenging if you aren’t sure of the options that are available.

The Performance of Light Bulbs: Important Considerations

Light bulb color and brightness can alter the room’s appearance and even impact your mood while you are in the space. As a result, it’s not smart to purchase an entire case of the same light bulb and install them through the house. Some things to consider when buying light bulbs for each part of your home are listed here.

The Brightness

Brightness of a light bulb is measured in lumens. The energy it takes to produce a lumen level is measured in watts. The standard incandescent bulb ranges from 40 watts, which produces 450 lumens, to a 100-watt bulb, which produces 1,600 lumens. If there is a room that requires more light, such as your home office or kitchen, select a light bulb that has a higher lumen level.

The Temperature

Light bulb labels today refer to the “color temperature.” This is measured in Kelvins. If the light is labeled with a lower temperature, it means it has a warmer tone. For example, light color measurements between 2700K and 3000K are comparable to warm yellow or white tones of an incandescent bulb and a 4000K bulb will create a pure, white light. For natural light in your home, choose a bulb that is 5000K, which will simulate natural daylight.

The Different Light Bulb Types

Today, you will find three basic types of light bulbs available for purchase. These include:

  • Incandescent bulbs: You can find halogen incandescent bulbs in many colors and shapes. These are not energy efficient, but they are the most affordable option.
  • Compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs): Like the long tube lights seen in stores, these are more energy efficient than the halogen incandescent bulbs and last longer. The lifespan of these bulbs is reduced when they are turned off and on regularly.
  • LED bulbs: These are the most expensive option and the most energy efficient. They also last the longest.

It’s a good idea to consider the light requirements for each room in your house to choose the right light bulb. If you need help with this, work with an electrician. They can evaluate your home and light needs to make recommendations regarding what light bulbs should be used in each room of your house. In the long run, this is going to pay off and help ensure you have the light you need and that you aren’t spending too much on energy to light your home.

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