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Have you recently made the decision to reduce your carbon footprint and purchase an electric car? If so – good for you!

However, as most people know, you will have to plug in your car to continue driving it.

Before you choose just any outlet for charging your electric car, there are a few things you need to know.

Don’t Use a Regular Outlet

Using a regular outlet for your electric car will not damage your car, but you are going to be waiting – and waiting – and waiting – before you have enough power to get on the road. The basic, 120-volt outlet will provide you with all the power you need to charge your electric vehicle, but it’s going to take much longer for the vehicle to charge fully.

If you want the ability to charge your vehicle faster, you need to have at least a 220-volt outlet installed where ever you will be parking your car.

A Charging Station is the Best Option

To quickly and efficiently charge your vehicle, it’s a good idea to consider the installation of electric vehicle service equipment, which is also called an EVSE. Not only is the EVSE going to charge your vehicle faster, but depending on when you choose to charge it, and how often, it may help to reduce your electric costs.

Keep in mind, though, the installation of an EVSE isn’t a do-it-yourself project. To ensure that it is installed properly and that it will operate properly hiring a professional electrician is the best course of action.

Benefits Offered by an EVSE

The majority of EVSE’s will let you safely turn the power going to your vehicle off or on, and there are some models that will let you schedule times for you to charge the vehicle. The charge you choose can also provide you with a detailed usage report and provide an indication of how much power your vehicle has. Even better is that many of these charges have the ability create peace of mind by detecting if there is an electrical issue with your vehicle.

How an Electrician Can Help with Your Electric Car

There’s no question that having an electric vehicle is a smart investment, but there are still a few things you need to think about. If you want to ensure you can easily and quickly charge your new vehicle, you should call Tann electric. They can help determine what the best option is for your home and provide you with the services needed. The professionals can also provide maintenance and service for other electrical systems in your home – providing even more peace of mind.