Common Reasons Your Doorbell May Not be Working

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Has your doorbell suddenly stopped ringing? Or, does it sound like it has suddenly become possessed? If so, don’t worry – this is a rather common issue that can usually be fixed pretty easily.

While calling a professional for help is a smart move, it’s a good idea to get to know the signs of a problem, which are listed here. 

A Faulty Button

Most doorbell electrical failures are typically going to track back to a faulty button. It’s a good idea to remove the button and look at the two wires in the back. These should make contact when the button is pressed, but if one is out of place or broken, then that’s the issue. You can also try to touch the two wires together to see if your doorbell rings. 

If it does, then the problem is in the button, and you just need to get anew one. If there is an obvious problem with the wires, then call an electrician right away. 

The Bell Unit

After eliminating the possibility of an issue with your bottom, the next thing to check is the chime housing or bell unit. Start by looking for an obvious problem after the cover is taken off, such as anything that isn’t attached properly where it should be, or worn, corroded, or damaged in some other way. If there is nothing that pops out, then it’s a good idea to check the electrical connection using a low-voltage tester

Connect the tester to the common terminal along with one of the doorbell terminals, then get someone to press the button on the door. If it lights up, but it doesn’t ring, then the issue may be with the bell unit. In some cases, a thorough cleaning is going to get the unit working properly. If it doesn’t then you need to have this replaced. 

The Transformer

If you can’t figure out the problem with your doorbell, then you should look at the transformer to see if there are any issues. It is important to note that this is where you are going to move from the lower-voltage system of the doorbell to a higher voltage, which is found in the home’s electricity. 

While you can test the transformer using a low-voltage tester on the screw terminals, if this turns out to be the issue, then it is definitely time to call a professional. 

The Wires

By now, you have eliminated the bell unit, button, and the transformer, finding no issues. If nothing is showing up with any of these components, then you need to check the wires that are running from the doorbell to the bell unit, as well as from the doorbell system and to the transformer. Even a small issue can cause enough disruption to prevent the doorbell from ringing. 

If you have noticed issues with your doorbell and you can’t determine the issue, call the professionals. They can ensure any problems with this unit is fixed and working properly once again.

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