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It’s virtually impossible to imagine your life without electricity. In fact, most of the appliances you use on a daily basis have to have electricity to function. When running these appliances, electrical safety is a huge concern. The fact is, quite a bit can go wrong anytime you are using electricity – including electric shock, damage to the appliances and starting a fire. Some electrical safety tips to always keep in mind when using home appliances can be found here.

Unplug Your Small Appliances

It’s important that you unplug your smaller appliances, such as hair dryers, shavers, toasters, kettles and electric irons when they aren’t being used. All these appliances can cause serious injuries if mishandled by a child. With the amount and type of power used by these appliances, it’s safer for you to unplug them from the power outlet instead of just switching them off.

Use All Appliances According to the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Avoid plugging in, or using your appliances when your hands are wet. Electricity and water just don’t mix. Always keep your appliances away from the sink and any other source of water. If you have an appliance that falls into water, don’t try to reach for it unless you are sure it is unplugged from the outlet, not just turned off – completely unplugged and safe to retrieve.

Keep Appliance Cords Short

Another way that appliances may cause injury is with their cords. If you happen to trip over a cord, you could suffer an injury, or cause the appliance damage. To avoid this, make sure the cords are as short as possible.

Have Damaged Appliances Repaired Right Away

If you have an appliance that malfunctions, that makes odd noises or that heats up more than usual, you need to have a professional come and repair the device. When it comes to electricity, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Never use an appliance that has exposed wires or damaged cords. In the long run, you will save more money and be safer by having repairs done before the issue becomes worse.

If you have any issues with your electrical appliances, the best thing you can do is stop using them until they are fixed. Calling an electrician for help as soon as you notice an issue is the best way to ensure that no serious issues occur. If you continue using a faulty or damaged appliance, you may cause an injury to yourself, or damage to your home. An electrician can help with any issue and ensure the appliance is restored to proper, working condition, regardless of what’s wrong.