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As people all around the Kansas City metro settle in to a new normal, the realities of entire families spending all day at home together with many people having to work from home while also trying to home school children all of whom need internet as well are leading to new family dynamics and the discovery that many home internet and wifi systems are just not capable of handling the the new higher demands for internet speeds. Luckily, there are some easy ways to upgrade your wifi and allow for all of your streaming, school and work needs.

  1. Move your router. It may seem like such an easy fix that it almost should not even be included, but sometimes the easiest fixes can go a long way. The closer your router is to the rooms in which you need the internet, the faster the internet speed will be and the easier your devices will be able to connect. Take a minute and think about which rooms will have the highest needs of internet speeds and then use that information to pick the best spot that will work for you and your family. Along the same lines, keeping routers out of cabinets and out of corners of rooms can help as well. If the best spot for your family is out of reach for your current cables, a quick call to an electrician like Tann Electric can open your entire home.
  2. Upgrade your system. There are many options available to increase bandwidth and internet speeds as well as to increase the distance at which your devices can connect. Often, there are bigger, stronger routers available than the standard routers installed by internet companies. There are also extenders available that will “bounce” the signal sent by your router to other rooms and allow for signal to make it to spots that were previously in dead zones.
  3. Go wired. The move to wifi signals has opened up the ability to move devices around throughout your house at any time and to anywhere you wish. But the truth is, that many devices tend to stay in the same spots day after day. Items like TV’s and desktop computers are rarely moved if ever at all. By running actual wire cables to these devices you can free up massive amounts of bandwidth. In other words, your online work meetings no longer have to compete with your kids streaming frozen 2 for the second time today. Again, calling a local electrician like Tann Electric can quickly and efficiently run the cables needed to relieve the pressures from increased use on your home wifi and upgrade not just your internet, but upgrade your time as well.

Especially now, as we enter quarantines and begin to live with stay at home orders, usable internet has become more and more of a necessity. This is one of the reasons electricians have been deemed as “essential services” by state and local governments.

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