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One of the biggest “scare” factors in horror movies and even in haunted houses, is someone accidentally electrocuting themselves. While you may be aware that in the movies, electrocution is all special effects, if you aren’t careful at home, it may become a reality. There are several scary and real ways that you may accidentally electrocute yourself just by doing the things you do every day.

Pulling Cords Out of an Outlet

When you are unplugging your lamp or hairdryer, what do you grab? Do you grab the actual plug? If not, you are setting yourself up for possible electric shock – and probably don’t even know it. Yanking on a cord and not actually pulling on the plug can damage the power cord itself and can leave wires exposed may cause you to accidentally electrocute yourself.

Using an Electronic Device That Has a Frayed Wire

The rubber coating that is put on the exterior of your electronic cords is there for a good reason. If this rubber happens to be worn away, or if the rubber insulation is broken or cracked in some areas and the wires under it are frayed, the use of that appliance may result in an electric shock. At this point, you should either have the cords fixed or you should replace the electronics altogether.

Touching Water While You Handle Electronic Devices

It can be tempting to grab your phone to answer an incoming call while you are washing your hands, or while you are in the shower, many electrical devices are not rated to be used in wet environments. You need to keep all your electronic devices and appliances clear of water when you are using them so you can avoid being shocked.

Putting Metal in Your Toaster

You have likely experienced the issue in the past where your bread, bagel, or another bread item becomes stuck or lodged in your toaster. While this is a common frustration, you should never put a metal object into a toaster while it is plugged in. This is one of the easiest ways to end up with an electrical shock. Instead, unplug your toaster and then use a heat-safe utensil to free the bread item from the clutches of your toaster.

Keeping Your Power on While Repairs are Being Made

While you should always make sure that any changes to your house’s electrical system are handled by a professional, DYI projects are becoming much more common. Make sure that you always unplug your electronics or your appliances before you make any type of repairs involving electricity to avoid a serious electrical shock or even electrocution.

Be sure to follow the safety tips found here so you never accidentally electrocute yourself. You can also contact Tann Electric to help to ensure that you follow the best safety rules when it comes to your home’s electrical system.