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If there are electrical issues in your business, it can cost you money in regard to repair bills and production down time. The fact is, your building doesn’t have to have serious issues or be older to have these types of problems. There are quite a few newer buildings that have several electrical problems. It depends on the wiring in the business and the machinery that is used.

Power Outages

A power outage, is a situation when there is partial or no power running to your business. An outage can last just a few minutes, several hours or in some cases, days. The sudden loss of power can impact your computer databases, your POS systems and any other device with a memory. It can even cause physical damage to these systems.

The best way for you to protect against damage from a power outage is to install alternate energy sources, such as backup generators. The generator will come on after the outage, which lets you avoid the problems this may cause. Another option is to use an uninterruptible power supply, which is also called a UPS, as backup. The UPS is a piece of equipment that provides emergency power to loads when the power source, usually the main power, fails.

In most cases, a UPS is used for protecting hardware including telecommunication equipment, data centers, computers and other items where unexpected power disruptions may cause business disruption, data loss, fatalities or injuries. A UPS unit ranges in size from devices that are designed to protect a single computer to larger units powering complete data centers or buildings.  Please note, a UPS is limited to a short amount of time (think in terms of minutes and not several hours).

Sags and Surges (Dips and Spikes)

These are situations that occur when there is a momentary under- or overvoltage in the electrical system. The cause for these issues are usually when the utility company switches the supply sources, because of lightning, energizing and deenergizing large loads within the facilities and major electrical faults.

Proper controls and circuitry, lightning protection, surge protection and power conditioners are some of the options you have to control these conditions. When you call the professionals, they can perform an assessment of the electrical systems to make appropriate recommendations to minimize issues with the electrical system.

Safety Concerns

An electrical issue is not only a danger to your equipment, if the wiring is bad, and there are other issues, it can actually be dangerous to your workers. Smaller issues that you ignore can easily become more dangerous situations that could cause serious injury to someone. Basic problems you should never ignore include:

  • Damaged or improperly used extension cords
  • Outlets that are damaged
  • Equipment or outlets that cause a shock when plugged in or used
  • Worn out plugs or cords that are connected to kitchen or cooking equipment

If you are confused about how to protect your business from electrical problems, the best thing you can do is hire the professionals. They will be able to provide you the advice and guidance you need.