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The Kansas City winters seem to be getting colder and colder every single year. When you are bundled up in sweatshirts and sweatpants or under a pile of blankets trying to remain warm, you may eventually have the idea to add an electric blanket to the pile for even more warmth and comfort.

While that’s a great way to stay warm, it is a good idea for you to learn how to safely use this blanket to avoid danger or an injury.

Don’t Use an Electric Blanket if it Doesn’t Have a Cover

Every heating pad and blanket will come with a protective cover of some kind. This is for a good reason. If you try to use the blanket without cover, it may burn your skin or result in another blanket getting too hot or even catching on fire. Don’t ever try to use an electric blanket without a cover on it. If you lose the cover, don’t use it until you have replaced the cover.

Be Sure to Check the Wires Before You Use an Electric Blanket

If the power cord to your electric blanket or pad is damaged (i.e. frayed, torn, cut, etc.), there is the risk of being shocked. Using a blanket with a damaged cord could even start a fire. At this point, you should either get a new cord for the blanket or get a new blanket altogether.

Don’t Cover Your Electric Blanket

You should make sure your blanket is always the top layer when you are using it. If you put another blanket or any other items on top of the electric blanket, you may create a risk of it getting too hot and overheating. Along the same lines, you should not sit on top of the blanket or let your pets lay on it.

Don’t Fold the Electric Blanket While it is Still On

You will not get double the heat if you fold it. The only thing you will do is risk the blanket overheating or even catching fire.

Turn it Off Before You Go to Sleep

You should never leave the blanket on while you are sleeping. If you do this, you won’t know if there is an issue or problem with the blanket that may result in a burn or even a fire. Make sure you always turn the electric blanket off before you go to bed.

There’s no question that many people enjoy the warmth provided by an electric blanket or pad in the winter months. However, if you want to use this as a source of warmth, be sure you follow the safety tips found here. This will help ensure you can enjoy the warmth your blanket offers and that you don’t risk any injuries or an electrical fire.

If you have more questions about electrical safety and how to avoid problems, contact Tann Electric for help.