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The summer months bring about fun in the sun, time in the pool, and endless activities and barbeques. There’s no question that there are more than a few things to do. However, during this time, you can’t ignore safety. While most people are talking about pool and sun safety, you can’t forget about electrical safety.

There are several electrical hazards you need to be aware of. Keep reading to learn more. 

Use the Right Extension Cords

Before you plug anything in, including your music player or laptop, you need to make sure the extension cord you are taking outside is safe. The fact is, any electrical item you use outside is going to be exposed to moisture in some way. This is the main reason you need an outdoor rated cord. 

With the right extension cord, you can avoid possible shocks that are caused by damaged cords or ones that can’t handle small amounts of water. 

Keep All Your Electronics Away from Water Sources and Pools

You need to keep all these items at least ten feet away from any water source. The fact is accidents happen, and this is how they get hurt. There’s no reason to expose yourself or anyone else to unnecessary risks – just keep electronics away from water – it really is that simple. 

Get to Know Your Breaker Box

If there’s an emergency, or even a possible emergency, it’s important to find out how you can quickly shut off the power to your home. Find the breaker box to ensure you can easily access the switches. 

Avoid Power Lines

If you decide to take part in flying remote planes or another sport that requires wide open spaces, make sure you are really in the wide-open space. Power lines are nothing to mess with and they may result in a fatal electrical load. 

Remain Aware of the Weather Reports

Possibly dangerous weather isn’t new to people living in Kansas City. There are all types of storms coming through, many that cause significant lightning strikes. If you hear that there’s a risk of thunderstorms with severe weather, then it’s a good idea to save your play for a safer time. 

Regardless of what you are doing, if you want to remain safe during the summer months, you have to keep the information here in mind. It is the only way you can feel confident that you won’t be exposed to any type of hazard resulting from an electrical component in or around your home. 

If you have more questions about electrical safety for your home this summer, then reach out to the professionals. They can evaluate your home and the electrical issues that you have. They can also provide you with tips and information on how to prevent electrical problems during this time of the year, and any other time of the year, keeping your home, yourself and your family safe and injury free to have fun and enjoy the warm weather.