How to Eliminate the Tangled Mess of Home Entertainment Wiring

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Buying a new home entertainment center is exciting. Unfortunately, once you finally get everything in place and hooked up, you may not have the energy to tackle the smaller, sub-projects that are created. While the home entertainment wiring for your new system is often neglected, it is important to deal with since this can help make the finished product look much better when it is hidden and out of the way.

The real extensiveness of the project is going to be determined by how badly you want to have all the cables hidden. Keep in mind, by hiring professional installation services for the entire home entertainment system, you can have the wires dealt with quickly and easily. However, if you prefer the DIY approach, the tips here may prove to be beneficial.

Organize Your Cables

If you want to hide all the entertainment center cables from view, the first thing you need to do is organize them. For a basic setup, you may just need to do a bit of housekeeping. You can use cord catchers, cable ties and other organizational products to bundle all the wires and cables together. If you have an entertainment center with an open back, you can then run all the wires behind the structure, so they are not as visible.

For consoles with closed backs, you can use screw hooks and cable tacks on the back side of the structure to organize and hide the wires all at once.

Hiding the Cables from Your Home Entertainment Wiring Setup

After the cables are organized, you may have to think creatively to figure out how to hide them from view. In most cases, this is going to depend on the setup, but there are several additions and tools that can help.

If you have a television that is mounted to the wall, you can use products that go up the wall. You can even paint the covers of these organizational tools the same color as your wall, so they virtually disappear. You can also find cable runners that fit on entertainment centers and desks to keep the cables out of the way.

Keep in mind, it is best to organize and hide the cables if possible because if you don’t, this may also pose a safety hazard. People may trip on them, or small children could pull components of the system onto themselves resulting in an injury. Remember, if you aren’t sure how to hide these cables and wires, the professionals can help with setup and the disguise process.

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