Is it Safe to Take a Shower During a Power Outage?

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A sudden power outage can be a serious pain for any homeowner. They rob you of your daily comfort and could even impact simple tasks. What you may wonder, though, is if a power outage is going to rob your ability to take a shower, too.

Can you still go about your business? This is a good question and one to learn more about here. 

What’s the Issue?

You may wonder, what in the world does power in your home have to do with your shower? The answer to this lies in how you get your water. The majority of homes rely on a boiler or tankless heater system, electrical well pump, or hot water heater. Each of these requires electricity to work, which is were your problem lies. 

While there are a few exceptions to this (discussed below), the majority of systems require electrical power to operate properly. Some of the issues you may experience with each of the units listed above can be found here. 

Tankless Water Heaters

If you have a tankless system in your home, you are out of luck when it comes to getting hot water in this specific situation. A tankless system doesn’t have a reservoir and relies on electricity (both the gas and electrical tankless systems). This means no power – no hot water. You can still safely take a cold shower if you are brave enough. 

Electric Hot Water Heaters

A traditional electric powered hot water heater with a tank is going to have some heated water for you to work with. The problem is, there’s no way to know ho much it is, and what you need it for. If your top priority is a hot shower, go for it. The key is to do this before the water in the tank cools off. 

Gas Hot Water Heaters

This particular option is somewhat harder to provide a definitive answer for. An old tank gas system requires the use of an independent pilot and ignition. This means they can work fine without any electricity. However, the modern systems still use various electrical components. If you have a newer unit, then the odds really aren’t in your favor. While it is safe to test this theory, just remember – you may be blasted with cold water. 

Is Showering Without Power Safe?

Are you worried because a bad storm has caused a power outage? The good news is, there isn’t that much to worry about. The old story of being struck by lightning while taking a shower is somewhat of a tall tale. The real danger usually lies in the fact that there is no light, and most bathrooms can get pretty dark. As a result, make sure to have a flashlight or battery powered lantern available to make things safer. 

As you can see, it is safe for you to shower while the power is out. However, depending on the type of unit you have in place, you may have to brave an Artic blast to get clean.

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