Tips to Use Your Space Heater Safely

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When colder weather arrives, many people turn to their central heating system to keep them comfortable. However, if you are in an office or other commercial space where you don’t have direct control over the temperature, you may have to opt for a space heater.

In addition to being popular in the workplace, space heaters are also often used at home. Regardless of where you use it, making sure you use it safely should be a top priority.

Choosing the Right Space Heater: Personal or Whole Room?

When buying a portable heater, make sure to purchase one that is rated for your particular needs. If the electric space heater is too big for the area, it is going to consume a large amount of energy and cost more to operate. Additionally, if you purchase a space heater for a smaller area and expect it to heat a large space, you may cause it to work harder.

If you need a whole-room heater, consider a wall or fan-forced heater. These will provide quiet, whole-room comfort. Make sure to look at the size recommendations on the packaging to see if the heater you are considering will meet your needs.

Overheat and Tip-Over Protection

Modern portable heater models come with several different safety features to reduce the worry associated with using them. Try to find a heater that offers tilt- or tip-over protection. This will ensure the unit shuts off automatically if it is tipped over for any reason. This is a particular useful feature for homes and for the office.

Additionally, a room heater that offers overheat protection will operate in a similar manner. It will use a temperature sensor and detect when the internal components become overheated. When it detects an unsafe temperature, the unit will be shut off automatically. Not all units offer this so make sure to find out if this is a feature.

Plug the Heater Directly Into a Wall Outlet

A general rule of thumb to keep in mind is that you need to plug your portable heater directly into a wall outlet. You also need to make sure the outlet has adequate power capacity. If you use an extension cord, it is going to increase the chances that the unit is going to overheat, cause a fire or even result in electrical shock injuries. If you absolutely have to use an extension cord, make sure to use one that is the proper size and with the proper rating.

With colder weather, space heaters are a common appliance that are put in use at home and in the work place. If you are using one of these, use the tips here to ensure you do so safely.

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